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Assistant Industrial Engineer – Spare Parts Management


The job holder will support the Operations team by ensuring a consistent supply of parts, materials and consumables in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Support the Stores team to ensure stock levels are maintained with accuracy, thus avoiding overstocking, understocking and eliminating obsolete parts.

What You Will Do

  1. Review and verify specifications on requests received from Operations for assigned materials, parts and/or services.
  2. Provide assistance to departments in resolving discrepancies between purchase orders, delivery quantities, quality and/or price.
  3. Review and make recommendation for improving the Stores Operating Procedures.
  4. Implement systems to ensure spares are available for all maintenance plans and tasks.
  5. Oversee the Stores team to ensure efficient 24/7 support to the Operations team.
  6. Develop a system for monitoring and trending lead time on recurring purchases.
  7. Monitor current suppliers to ensure cost, quality and lead times are met.
  8. Establish cycle times for spares movement and report on items tending to an overstock level.
  9. Interpret mechanical, electrical and pneumatic specifications and source vendors with equivalent parts/items/service with the best value (cost x quality x time).
  10. Negotiate price, quality and delivery  in compliance with local  and corporate operating procedures and ethical code of conduct.
  11. Develop strategies to reduce the obsolescence of parts.