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Maintenance Supervisor


The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the safe maintenance, repair or replacement of plant equipment and systems in order to facilitate maximum line efficiency, utilization and quality, while supporting the policies, goals and objective of the company.

What You Will Do

1. Initiates, implements and manages the plant maintenance program based on best practices in the seafood industry, with an emphasis on planning/scheduling and preventive/predictive maintenance.
2. Coordinate the planning, allocation and assignment of required manpower for assigned shift operations based on approved operations plan.
3. Execute the approved maintenance plan in order to meet and or exceed operations targets.
4. Monitor the use and inventories of spare parts, maintenance supplies, and equipment and initiates reordering when necessary.
5. Ensure the application and implementation of established health and safety standards and procedures for all production lines.
6. Assists with planning and implementing plant improvements and expansions, commissioning of the facility etc.
7. Monitor the performance of subordinate personnel to ensure that desired productivity levels for processing and packaging operations are achieved in accordance with approved operations plans.

8. Provide technical advice, guidance and on the job training for subordinate personnel so as to create and maintain effective levels of productivity.
9. Ensure that maintenance job requests forms are completed as forwarded to the maintenance supervisor to allow for the timely servicing of required equipment and materials to ensure smooth functioning of production lines.
10. Prepares reports, analyses data, and makes recommendations for improving plant operations and solving maintenance-related problems as required.
11. Ensure the maintenance of established codes of conduct and disciplinary standards consistent with approved procedures.
12. Process employee time cards and hours worked for subordinates in accordance with approved procedures.
13. Provide and/or prepare additional written reports to management as requested.
14. Identify and investigate operational or production discrepancies in liaison with departmental counterparts (maintenance, QA, warehousing etc) and initiate corrective actions as required and submit written report.
15. Communicates regularly with all maintenance technicians, both individually and as a group to ensure two-way communication concerning maintenance issues.
16. Ensures local governmental regulations relating to the maintenance department are met at all times.
17. Perform other related duties as required by job function based on the exigencies of the company.