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Management Accountant

Aid and critically support the decision making process of the Company by providing timely and accurate financial information regarding the business as well as ensuring the integrity of the assets and liabilities of the Company.

What You Will Do

  1. Provide support in the development of of user friendly  financial reports that assist key stakeholders in understanding and analyzing their operations from a financial perspective.
  2. Support the production of quarterly and monthly business performance reports including detailed exception analysis.
  3. Analyze the KPI’s for main business areas, identifying trends and making recommendations for improvement.
  4. Undertake business case analysis in support of major projects across the Company as required.
  5. Prepare budgets and rolling estimates within the prescribed timelines using and developing systems and models to support the process.
  6. Provide ongoing development, training and support to key stakeholders on budgeting and rolling estimate systems.
  7. Manage the capital planning and expenditure process in accordance with the CAPEX approved policy.
  8. Oversee the Control Desk approval function for all purchase requisitions, assessing budget allowance and account coding.
  9. Review and maintenance of costing processes, including the cost drivers for overhead allocations.
  10. Monitor and ensure sub-ledgers are maintained for accuracy in value, quantity and physical existence.