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Software Engineer

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    1 month ago
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    October 17, 2020

Software Engineer


Location: Fully Remote Job

Category: IT/Developer

Employment Type: Full time/Contract


Software Engineer


  1. Job Purpose

The Full Stack Software Developer is responsible for assisting in the design, development and running of an EPMO software.


  1. Job Description

Our platform is Web based with React being on the front. Redux is used to minimize loading data as much as possible. Because of performance needs for very custom and computationally expensive UI components we often mix native js with React’s ecosystem ( i.e. help reduce excessive rendering and manage what we can).Our backend is python, flask, a very minimal approach to the backend to reduce load as much as possible, we tend to keep things DRY and KISS where possible.

Overall we take a very proactive approach in that if there is a problem / bottleneck within your realm of ability we expect that you attempt to solve it, or contact members for clarification/assistance. Since we’re fully remote this is very important to us. Your working hours are your own as long you’re present in meetings (online) and deliver on objectives. That being said again since we’re fully remote communicating with the team is very important. Finally we understand that first builds aren’t perfect but we value the importance of continual improvement.


  1. Duties and Responsibilities:
  • 1[frontend] Writing actions/reducers to handle the consumption of endpoints
  • 2 [frontend] Building frame of component that connect/use local data stores (redux); note in most cases (if not all) you will focus how it works rather than how it looks.
  • 3 [frontend] Provide/Process/Aggregate etc any data that UI developers need in components.
  • 4 [backend] Extension of current routes and functionalities, these are highly variable, main technologies to note are sqlalchemy
  • 5 [Soft skills] Take part in online meetings and contribute to the formation of the solution.
  • 6 [Soft skills] Design solutions/requirements for existing/new problems in the product. (Many customers have a vague (or no idea) of what they actually want/need)
  1. Education:

Bachelor degree or above


  1. Experience:

Work experience in a similar field for more than 1 year.


  1. Skills & Abilities:

6.1. Knowledge in technologies such as [ React, Redux, Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy ]

6.2 Common understanding of Native Js;

6.3 Skills in data formats JSON, XML

6.4 SQL skills;

6.5 At least 1 year experience with React and Redux;

6.6 Source code control understanding (experience with GIT preferred)


  1. Personal characteristics:


Analytical mind, stress resistance, commitment, self-organizational skills


This job has expired.