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Sugar Room Technician


Support the continuous production of first-class products by creating simple syrup solutions which comply with all Food Safety and Health and Safety standards. The job holder is required to dissolve granulated sugar in keeping with the Brix values for the recipe to create a simple syrup to be used to manufacture finished products. He/she will obtain the maximum yield of the granulated sugar by minimizing wastage while pouring sugar during the dissolving process and adhering to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

What You Will Do

  1. Connect syrup and water lines in the Sugar Room to the sugar dissolving equipment and then to the simple sugar storage tanks in the Syrup Room.
  2. Batch simple syrup by mixing granulated sugar and water in the right concentrations as per Brix values and SOP.
  3. Measure BRIX values and conduct Sensory Evaluation (taste, odor and appearance) of the simple syrup to detect non-conformances.
  4. Immediately stop batching process and notify Supervisor/Manager of any batched simple syrup which does not meet the required standards.
  5. Follow the batching schedule provided by the Supervisor to prepare simple syrup solutions to meet the requirements of the production schedule.
  6. Notify the Supervisor immediately using the approved communication methods when sugar is required and follow up to ensure it is received.
  7. Assist the Compounder when required with weighing ingredients, cleaning, and connecting syrup and water line to the production lines.


  1. Minimum of 5 CXC Including Math and English.
  2.  A minimum of 1 years’ experience in a similar role.
  3. Must be able to lift heavy bags of raw materials.