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Supervisor- HD Cafe Limited

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    October 29, 2021


To assist with all of the duties as outlined by Management, maintaining a culture of outstanding customer service, employee development while upholding the Brand Standards as set by HD Café Ltd. as well as the Business Goals set by HADCO Limited.


This position reports to the Shop Manager directly.


  1. Key Service Commitment Responsibilities.
  2. Delivers quality customer service consistently
  3. Demonstrates Passion about his/her work, the products served, and the Häagen-Dazs Brand.
  4. Maintains a comprehensive knowledge about all Häagen-Dazs Products and Menu Items.
  5. Maintains the Customer and Physical Environment at the store.
  6. Handles customer requests and complaints in a positive, professional manner.
  7. Work flexible hours, nights, weekends and holidays, being punctual for all shifts.

Key Talent Management Responsibilities.

  1. Supports Management in the day to day operations of the shop.
  2. Maintains a positive working environment so as to promote a culture of passion, teamwork and respect.
  3. Assists with training activities for shop staff.
  4. Supervises Shop Staff and ensures that all company rules and procedures are followed.
  5. Provides input to Management on Staff Performance reviews and provides accurate data towards reporting performance of each employee.
  6. Ensures all staff are supplied uniforms according to local shop practices.
  7. Completes the Weekly Staff Schedule.
  8. Completes the Daily Attendance Register.
  9. Completes the Daily and Weekly Food Cost.
  10. Updates and maintains the Logbook on a Daily Basis.
  11. Completes daily job allocation in the absence of the manager and break allowances for staff.

Key Business Responsibilities

  1. Maintains the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
  2. Maintains the highest standards of personal conduct, appearance and personal hygiene.
  3. Undertakes duties as required by shop manager and assistant shop manager.
  4. Delegates responsibilities to shop staff as appropriate.
  5. Ensures that the Häagen-Dazs approved uniform is worn with no jewelry.
  6. Motivates staff to up-sell and increase overall sales performance.
  7. Assists in the execution of brand promotions.
  8. Ensures that the stock and product are of the highest quality, maintaining the FIFO system of inventory with correct Date Labels
  9. Completes daily, weekly, and monthly Shop Reports: –
  • Sales Deposits
  • Logbook Entries
  • Daily Attendance Reports
  • Timesheets to be tallied and submitted
  • Staff Salaries
  • Staff Schedules

Key Leadership Responsibilities

  1. Engenders trust and communicates effectively at all levels
  2. Demonstrates unquestionable integrity and personal judgment
    1. Communicates compelling vision with a sense of direction and purpose
    2. Develops winning strategies by translating the organization’s objectives into meaningful goals.
    3. Encourages innovation through people
  1. Delivers outstanding results through goals and clear priorities
  2. Makes timely and high-quality decisions while adding value through knowledge and expertise
  3. Inspires and motivates with a high level of commitment and performance
  4. Develops people, organizations and self through training
  5. Values diversity through people
  6. Ensures that all accounts balance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Key Operational Responsibilities

  1. Follows all procedures.

Make all provisions as outlined above while working alongside the Manager in an effort to maintain a 40% and below Food Cost, 90% and above in ESP Audits and 95% and above in Mystery Shopper Reports.

HSE Roles and Responsibilities of Supervisors:


  1. It is the duty of Supervisors to be directly responsible for the overall safety standards of all works carried out by their team and will ensure that working of their Employees and site location conform in all respects, to all legal requirements of the Health, Safety and Environment Policy.
  2. Ensure that the necessary registers and records are kept in a correct manner.
  3. Must ensure that all Employees under his/her supervision undergo HADCO’s Safety Orientation within five working days of employment.
  4. Conduct Toolbox Talks.
  5. Report monthly to Management on all matters of concern in relation to the HSE matters.
  6. Take advice on all matters relating to safety, health and welfare from their safety staff and allow them free access and co-operation at all times.

Safety Equipment

  1. Ensures that all Employees are aware of, and comply with, requirements for safe work practices as well as safe and healthful conditions on job sites.

HSE Inspections

The Supervisor must conduct one monthly HSE inspection to ensure that:

  1. All work areas comply with HADCO’s and project HSE guidelines and SOPs.
  2. If unsafe conditions exist, corrective action is taken and their Managers, HSE Manager and the Executive Chairman are informed of inspection results.

All sub-contractors and sub-contractor personnel comply with applicable HSE regulations when applicable.

In the Event of an Accident

The Supervisor is required to immediately report to Management and the HSE Manager at HADCO’s Office on the nature of the incident. They shall assist in incident investigation and reporting process, in accordance with HADCO’s SOPs.

  1. Pleasant disposition and well-mannered
  2. Supervisory experience in the food and hospitality Industry.
  3. At least one year of customer service experience.
  1. Certificate of Character
  2. Ministry of Health Food Badge
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Fully Vaccinated